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After The Bullying

Why you should stand up to bullying: the victim's point of view.

Cyber bullying is unique in that the bully does not have to face their victim. This allows bullies to say and do very cruel things without seeing the effects of their actions. Many teenagers who have been victims of this type of bullying say it can feel harsher than other types of bullying.

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Here is an example of what happens after someone has been cyber bullied. Watch as Adam struggles with being bullied on a social networking site.

Think you know?

The following questions are to help you better understand cyber bullying. Work by yourself or with a friend and try to come up with answers on your own before looking at our answers.

Questions about the video:

Why does Adam ask him mom to pick him up from school? How can this make the situation worse?


Adam asks him mom to pick him up from school because he is embarrassed and upset about the post Stan made on Mike’s wall.

By doing this Adam is trying to avoid the problem. But avoiding the problem and leaving school can make the situation worse.

  • This sends the message to Stan that he “won”. He may continue to bully Adam.
  • Avoiding school leaves room for speculation and rumors and gossip may start about Adam.

Other things to think about.

Why might cyber bullying hurt more than other forms of bullying?


Why might cyber bullying hurt more than other forms of bullying?

  • Cyberbullying can happen more frequently, repeatedly and can involve a lot of people at one time.
  • It can happen in places where you feel most safe such as at home or work.
  • Because the bully can choose to remain anonymous, what they say or do can be extreme and vicious.
  • The victim feels like there is no escape. Bullies can attack their victims' phones, email, or social networking site repeatedly.

Put yourself in Adam’s shoes. How would you feel if this was happening to you?

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